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Kampanye What Women Want

Kamis, 05/07/2018 WIB


  • Print out the sign attached and write your own “request” for quality reproductive and maternal healthcare services. Take a photo of yourself (or friends!) holding the sign and send the photo and photo consent form to ICM at membership@internationalmidwives.org. Example of photo attached.


OUR GOAL: we want to collect 50 photos by Monday 9th of July! We will share your photos, holding the sign, on our social media channels on July 11th - Word Population Day. You should also feel free to make your own sign using household materials if you do not have access to a printer.


Download: WWW_Photo Consent Form

WWW_Survey Sign


Permohonan Data Bidan non-ASN di Bawah Diploma III

Kami meminta seluruh Bidan dapat memberikan data tenaga kesehatan non-ASN di bawah Diploma III hingga tahun 2018 setiap Provinsi
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ICM 2020 Registration guidelines

Discount $100 untuk mengikuti Kongres ICM Ke-32 di Bali, Indonesia
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Materi Sosialisasi UKOM Retaker

Sosialisasi Pelaksanaan Ukom Khusus Retaker Diploma Tiga Kebidanan
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