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[OPEN] Join Us As A Volunteer at The 32th ICM Triennial Congress, Bali, Indonesia

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Learn how you can become a volunteer at the 32nd ICM Triennial Congress, Bali, 21-25 June


The success of the ICM Triennial Congresses is largely due to the commitment of volunteers or “stewards”. They assist the organisers on-site and are the main contact point for most of the delegates. For the 32nd ICM Triennial Congress, Bali, 21-25 June 2020, we’re looking for 100 volunteers to join us and help make this edition a huge success!


What do we expect from our stewards?


  • Stewards will be asked to perform a variety of tasks, such as:
    • providing general information on the congress venue
    • providing general information on the congress programme
    • guide delegates to the session rooms
    • usher delegates into the rooms
    • assist with the seating of VIP guest during the Opening and Closing ceremony
    • assist with congress bag filling
  • Stewards should be fluent in English (in addition to their mother tongue)
  • Stewards should be committed and fully assume their responsibilities, for the duration of one (1) day only
  • Stewards should be punctual


What do we offer our stewards?


  • Stewards will enjoy a discounted rate of 325 USD, in return for which they will be asked to take on dedicated responsibilities, for one (1) day only
  • Stewards will have full access to the congress for the remaining 4 days
  • Stewards will receive a congress badge, giving them access to the full congress for 4 out of 5 days.
  • Stewards will receive a congress t-shirt, which they should wear while performing their tasks


What else is included in your steward registration?


Included in your steward registration is:

  • a congress badge, giving you access to the full congress for 4 out of 5 days
  • coffee breaks and lunch breaks during the 5 congress days
  • access to the Opening ceremony
  • access to the Closing ceremony
  • access to the multi-faith session
  • access to the Midwives’ march



The following items are NOT included in your registration:


  • flights to Bali
  • accommodation during the congress
  • breakfast and dinners during the congress (if not included in your hotel booking)
  • gala dinner
  • transfers in Bali
  • social programme/tours in Bali


How do you become a steward?

E-mail a short description of yourself and your motivation to volunteer, in English, to the Congress secretariat: info@midwives2020.org cc: ppibi@ibi.or.id. Stewards are registered at a first come, first served basis…don’t wait too long to become a volunteer!



Download Brocure here (Eng-Ind):





32nd ICM Triennial Congress

Indonesia, Bali – 21-25June 2020


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