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Sponsorship for the 31st Triennial Council Meeting and/or Congress in Toronto, Canada, June 2017

Selasa, 08/11/2016 WIB

The Safe Motherhood Fund was initiated to enable ICM to support midwives to attend ICM activities such as the meeting of the International Council and the Congress. The purpose is to support individual midwives who are unable to fund themselves, to participate in education and other professional development activities to enhance the competencies of midwives and/or their involvement in midwifery activities that promote Safe Motherhood.

To qualify for sponsorship, priority is given to midwives who have leadership potential, are able to transform information into action and demonstrate commitment to the aims of the Confederation.  In the case of sponsorship to a Congress, having an accepted abstract for presentation during congress or being appointed as an ICM Council delegate (by their ICM Full Member Association) is an added advantage.


Call to action:

All member associations are requested to inform their members that sponsorship requests can now be submitted, and to raise funds for the programme, if possible.

Please submit completed application forms with a copy of the CV to council@internationalmidwives.org by Friday, 2 December 2016.

This fund is supported by donors including individuals, member associations and other organisations. If you or your organisation would like to contribute to the fund, then please email your intention to council@internationalmidwives.org


 download here:

AW1_Safe Motherhood and Development Fund cover letter_EN

AW1_Safe Motherhood and Development Fund Application Form_ EN

more info: http://www.midwives2017.org/


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