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[CIRCULAR LETTER] IBI's 69th Anniversary and World Midwife Day (IDM) 2020

Tuesday, 10/03/2020

For your information, here is the Circular Letter attached to the IBI 69th Anniversary and International Midwife Day 2020.

Download here:

Edaran Kerangka Acuan dan Sambutan KU pada HUT IBI 69 Tahun 2020


Sponsorship for the 31st Triennial Council Meeting and/or Congress in Toronto, Canada, June 2017

The Safe Motherhood Fund was initiated to enable ICM to support midwives to attend ICM activities such as the meeting of the International Council and the Congress.
Tuesday, 08/11/2016

Download Webinar Materials "The Role of Midwives in Encouraging Use of ASI in the Pandemic Period COVID-19"

Please download the Webinar material "The Role of Midwives in Encouraging the Use of Breastfeeding in the COVID-19 Pandemic Period" which was held on 15 May 2020 ago.
Friday, 22/05/2020

Webinar Material for Preparedness in Facing Disasters and Health Crisis during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Please download the Webinar material for the Socialization of Preparedness for Disaster and Health Crisis Events during the Covid-19 Pandemic which was held by the Health Crisis Center of the Indonesian Ministry of Health on 6 August 2020.
Friday, 07/08/2020