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PP IBI audience with KARS

Monday, 23/09/2019

[Monday, 23 September 2019] The Central Board of Indonesian Midwives Association conducts an audience with the Hospital Accreditation Committee (KARS) at the KARS Office Building Epicentrum Walk, Jl. Boulevard Jl. Epicenter Cell. No.2, RT.2 / RW.5, Karet Kuningan, South Jakarta City, Jakarta 12960 and received directly by the Chairman of KARS, Dr. dr. Sutoto, M.Kes and the staff members.


The hearing was chaired by the Chairperson of the Indonesian Midwives Association, Dr. Emi Nurjasmi, M. Kes and accompanied by several IBI PP Daily Managers namely Mrs. Ade Jubaedah, SSiT, MKM, Ms. Nunik Endang Sunarsih, SST, SH, MSc, Ms. Heru Herdiawati, SST, SH, MH, Ms. Laurensia Lawintono, MSc, and Mrs. Sri Poerwaningsih, SST, SKM, M.Kes.


This hearing was a form of friendship and had the opportunity to convey a number of things such as midwives in hospitals, and hospital accreditation systems including the capacity of HR Nakes.


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