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More than 800 Midwives Attend Midwife PIT 2019

Monday, 16/09/2019

The development of science and technology and midwifery occurs very quickly and dynamically, for that reason IBI as a midwifery profession organization annually holds Midwife Scientific Meetings (PIT) as an effort to facilitate IBI members to follow the development of updated science and technology so that they can apply in daily practice - days based on evidence. Midwife PIT is an annual routine activity organized by PPIBI and has been a routine agenda of IBI at the national level since 2014.


Midwife PIT is a scientific forum that aims to increase the knowledge and skills of midwives in an effort to improve the quality of services to achieve optimal maternal, child and family health. This scientific meeting is also a forum for researchers and experts / scientists in the field of midwifery to carry out scientific discussions on various changes, developments, and current issues related to maternal and child health services in national and global contexts. PIT Midwives also become a vehicle to explain the results of research conducted by midwives practitioners and academics.


In 2019 PPIBI held a Midwife Annual Scientific Meeting (PIT), which was held in Jakarta, Indonesia on September 12-14, 2019. Through the 2019 Midwife PIT, it was hoped that all participants would get information on current issues, science and technology developments and midwifery services. ) as well as the development of midwifery service and education policies that develop very quickly and dynamically.


More than 800 midwives from various regions throughout Indonesia attended the 2019 Midwife Scientific Annual Meeting (PIT) at the Novotel Mangga Dua Square Hotel, Jakarta yesterday. The event was opened by the Chairperson of the Indonesian Midwives Association, Dr. Emi Nurjasmi, M.Kes. Next, the event continued with panel and plennary sessions from various relevant stakeholders, including:


- Panel Session
"Complete the Midwifery Act"
1. Head of Legal Bureau of Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia - Sundoyo, SH, MKM, M.Hum
2. IBI Chairperson - Dr. Emi Nurjasmi, M.Kes


- Plennary
"Empowerment of Midwives in Primary and Referral Health Service Facilities"
Director of Primary Health Services - drg. Saraswati, MPH


- Plennary
"CPD Online Socialization"
IBI Central Management - Herlyssa, SST, MKM


- Plennary
"Fulfilling Reproductive Health Rights Through Strengthening Midwifery Services in the Community"
Director General of Public Health Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia - dr. Kirana Pritasari, MQIH


- Session panel
"The Role of Midwives in Post-Miscarriage Care Centered on Women"
1. Director of Family Health, Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia - dr.Erna Mulati, M.Sc., CMFM
2. POGI - Dr.dr. Dwiana Ocviyanti, SpOG (K), MPH
3. IBI - Dr. Emi Nurjasmi, M.Kes

- Session panel
1. Empowerment of Professional Midwives in the National Health Service System
Health Human Resource Development and Empowerment Agency

2. Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Policy in Fulfilling Midwife Professional Education Standards
Director of Quality Assurance, Director General of Learning and Student Affairs, Kemristekdikti RI - Prof. Aris Junaidi

3. National Standards of Midwifery Education (Draft Permenristekdikti)
IBI Chairperson - Dr. Emi Nurjasmi, M.Kes


- Plennary
"Selected Practice Recommendations for Contraception Use"
Dept. Obstetrics and Gynecology FKUI RSCM - dr. Yudianto Budi Saroyo, SpOG (K), MPH and Dr. Cepi Teguh Pramayadi, SpOG, MARS


- Plennary
"The Role of Midwife's Independent Practices in Optimizing Access to Family Planning Services Supports Demographic Bonuses"
Head of BKKBN - dr. Hasto Wardoyo, SpOG (K)

- Panel Session
1. Breaking the Chain of Stunting in the Life Cycle
UKK Nutrition & Metabolic Disease, IDAI - Dr. Titis Prawitasari, SpA (K)
2. Efforts to Prevent Stunting through Continuous Care
Dept. Obstetrics & Gynecology FKUI / RSCM, POGI - Dr.dr. Arietta Pusponegoro, SpOG (K)
3. Efforts to Prevent Stunting through Continuous Care
IBI Central Board - Siti Romlah, MKM


- Plennary
"The Role of Midwives in Optimizing MCH and KB Services in the JKN Era"
Deputy Director for Primary Health Service Guarantee, BPJS RI Health - dr. Dwi Martiningsih, M.Kes


- Panel Session
1. Online E-STR Socialization
PP IBI Technical Team - Ike Kurnia, S.Keb., Bd
2. IBI Online Membership Card (KTA)
IT consultant - Heri Purnomo


In addition to parallel and panel sessions, there were scientific sessions which were attended by 75 participants of Oral and Poster Scientific Publication titles. After going through the selection process, 25 Oral Presentation titles were present to present their research results and 30 Presentation Poster participant titles that were displayed in the exhibition area during the PIT.


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