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System Development Facility Information for FKTP Network Midwives

Friday, 16/08/2019

Based on Presidential Regulation No. 82 of 2018 on National Health Insurance in article 56 states that Health Facilities that do not have supporting facilities, are required to build networks, including Midwives, therefore BPJS Health continues to improve the program for FKTP Network Midwives so as to optimize midwifery services for participants JKN. In connection with this, we submit that currently the system development has been carried out at FKTP namely the PCare Application and the Health Facility Information System (HFIS) Application as follows:

1. PCare Application Development.
The purpose of developing the PCare Application is to facilitate the process of guaranteeing health services and the process of submitting service claims held by the Network Midwife:

a. Each Network Midwife is facilitated with a user account (user and password)
    to access the PCare Application, with the benefit of covering: i
   1) Check the activity status of JKN participants who will receive midwifery services at the Network Midwife, who are connected to the FKTP Maternal and BPJS Health database.
    2) Entering service data and actions that have been given to participants so that service data in the Network Midwife is also connected to the FKTP database and Health BPJS.
    3) Enter data claim claims (invoices) services and actions that have been given to participants. This was facilitated in the application with the aim of increasing the speed of the process of filing claims made by the FKTP Indent from the Network Midwife to the Health BPJS so that the verification and payment process by the Health BPJS to the Network Midwife could be made faster.
Note: in accordance with regulations (Minister of Health Regulation number 71 of 2013 and Minister of Health Regulation number 99 of 2015) that submission of claims is made by the parent FKTP but payment can be made directly by BPJS Health to the Midwife Networking.


b. Implementation of the development of the PCare Application as referred to in
point 1.a is done in stages. Providing PCare Application user accounts to
each Network Midwife through the FKTP Indent and / or BPJS Health Branch Office.

2. HFIS Application Development
The HFIS application contains data on health facility profiles in collaboration with BPJS Health including its network. The aim of developing the HFIS application currently being done is to increase the speed of claim settlement and ensure the accuracy of BPJS Health payment transactions to the Network Midwife:

a. In the HFIS Application there is an individual database containing data from each Network Midwife with the following explanation:
    1) The data of individual Networking Midwives includes the name of the midwife, Midwife Practice License number (SIPB), Midwife Population Number (NIK), bank account number in the midwife's name, Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP) in the midwife's name and mobile phone number (HP) .
     2) The data of individual Network Midwives in HFIS is connected to the BPJS Health Claim Payment Application, so that the process of payment of claims for Network Midwife services automatically accesses data on HFIS.
     3) In the event that a midwife's SIPB will end in 3 months, there will be a reminder so that the FKTP can coordinate with the Network Midwife to immediately prepare for the SIPB renewal.

b. Network Midwife data updates in the HFIS application are carried out by the parent FKTP.

c. In order to support the optimization of the application development, it is expected that support from all Network Midwives to coordinate with the parent FKTP in completing the required data. All Network Midwife data in HFIS is expected to be updated no later than July 15, 2019.

3. To ensure the implementation of system development as described above, we hope that the support of the Indonesian Midwives Association can be so that all Network Midwives can work together to improve services for JKN participants


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