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PP IBI audience with the Minister of Health

Tuesday, 06/08/2019



Tuesday, 6 August 2019 The Central Board of the Indonesian Midwives Association received a hearing by the Minister of Health, Prof. Dr. dr. Nila Djuwita F. Moeloek, Sp.M (K), located at the Indonesian Ministry of Health.


The hearing was led directly by the Chairperson of the Indonesian Midwives Association, Dr. Emi Nurjasmi, M.Kes and accompanied by several PP IBI Daily Managers namely Dr. Ade Jubaedah, S.SiT, MM, MKM, Nunik Endang Sunarsih, SST, SH, MSc, Heru Herdiawati, SST, SH, MH.

In this hearing PP IBI had the opportunity to convey several things such as

- Midwives PIT Activities 2019

- UU no. 4 of 2019 concerning Midwifery

- Change the name of the Nursing Committee to "Nursing and Midwifery Committee"

- Advocacy regarding the need for the Midwifery Council

- Acceleration of passing Midwifery Education Standards and Midwifery Service Standards

- Development of Indonesia's preparations to host the "Bali ICM Congress 2020"

- Information on Midwife magazines and Midwife Scientific Journals which can be accessed online.


Jurnal Bidan Vol I. No.2, 2016

Jurnal Bidan Vol I. No.2, 2016
Friday, 09/12/2016

Midwives Journal Vol. II No. II, 2017

Jurnal Ilmiah Bidan Vol II No II , 2017 sudah bisa didapat langsung melalui kantor PP IBI.
Tuesday, 31/10/2017