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PP IBI has an audience with the Head of BKKBN

Wednesday, 07/08/2019

Wednesday, August 7, 2019 Indonesian Central Midwives Association Board of Management received an audience by the Head of BKKBN, dr. Hasto Wardoyo, Sp.OG (K), which is located at the BKKBN Head Office Jl. Permata No 1 Halim Perdanakusuma, East Jakarta, 13650.

The hearing was led directly by the Chairperson of the Indonesian Midwives Association, Dr. Emi Nurjasmi, M. Kes and was accompanied by several PP IBI Daily Managers namely Ms. Nunik Endang Sunarsih, SST, SH, MSc, Ms. Heru Herdiawati, SST, SH, MH.

This hearing was a form of friendship with the new Head of BKKBN and had the opportunity to convey several things such as PLKB Recruitment, planned collaborative programs between IBI - BKKBN, and the 2019 Midwives PIT activities.


Midwifery Symposium 2016

Scholarships for Young Midwives
Friday, 18/12/2015

IBI Support Letters In HIV Elimination, Syphilis and Hepatitis B Programs

The following is attached Circular Letter to all Regional Officials of Indonesian Midwife Association and all Midwives related to HIV Elimination, Syphilis and Hepatitis B Elimination Program:
Friday, 10/11/2017

Circular from MTKI to MTKP related to the STR Issuance Adjustment Process

Circular from MTKI to MTKP related to the process of adjusting online STR issuance which explained the following:
Monday, 14/01/2019