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Social Service in the framework of 68th IBI Anniversary and Halal Bihalal 1440H

Thursday, 04/07/2019

The Indonesian Midwives Association (IBI) is the only professional organization for midwives in Indonesia, established on June 24, 1951 in Jakarta. In the same year, IBI became a member of the Indonesian Women's Congress (KOWANI) and five years later (in 1956) became a member of the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM). Comply with the provisions of the applicable legislation concerning Community Organizations in Indonesia, 1954 listed in State Gazette No. J.A.5 / 92/7 of 1954 dated 15 October 1954 in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia) and renewed in 2015 and approved by Kemenkumham No. AHU-112.AH.01.08 2015.


IBI has developed well, this is marked by the presence of 34 Regional Administrators (Provincial Level), 509 Branch Managers (District / City Level) and 3728 Branch Managers (District Level / Service / Education units). While the number of members has a Member Card (KTA) 326,415 (as of May 6, 2019). However, this figure is different from the number of midwives recorded in the Indonesian Health Workforce Assembly (MTKI), which is 658,510 (August 2018).


On June 24, 2019 this year IBI has reached the age of 68 years, a very mature age with a lot of experience that has been passed as a professional organization. Experience is wealth to meet a challenging future, one of which is the liberalization of health services in the current era of globalization. For this reason, IBI needs to consolidate and advocate for all stakeholders related to strengthening the profession and preparing members to face these challenges. The theme of the 68th IBI Anniversary in 2019 is "Midwives Protecting Reproductive Health Rights through Women's Empowerment and Optimization of Midwifery Services" (Midwives: Defenders of Women’s Rights).


In commemoration of the 68th Anniversary of IBI in 2019, the Indonesian Midwives Association's Center Management again held Angjangsana activities for IBI elders (May 30, 2019), and sprinkled flowers at IBI's predecessor's tomb (June 20, 2019). In addition PP IBI also held a Social Service held on Wednesday, July 3, 2019 at IBI Pratama Clinic / IBI Central Management Office with 714 participants. The types of services provided also vary, including:
- Posyandu RW 9, RW11, RW 5, RW 4, RW 3, and RB IBI;
- Elderly service;
- Public service;
- IVA Services;
- Family Planning Services;
- Examination of Pregnant Women (ANC); and
- Immunization services.


After the Social Service event was completed, continued with Halal Bihalal together with IBI partners, Professional Organizations, NGOs, IBI Board members in Jabodetabek, and IBI elders  who ended up happy with cutting the cone and singing the Mars song and the IBI hymn.

Hopefully what has been achieved and the obstacles faced can be improved in the future, especially in facing challenges from within and from outside the organization and to welcome a better future. Live Indonesian Midwives!


Meeting of Completion of Midwives Professi Education Standart

Rabu-Kamis, 12-13 April 2017 bertempat di Jakarta, PP IBI mengundang 23 institusi calon penyelenggara Pendidikan Profesi Bidan di seluruh Indonesia
Monday, 17/04/2017

Midwives Journal Vol. II No. II, 2017

Jurnal Ilmiah Bidan Vol II No II , 2017 sudah bisa didapat langsung melalui kantor PP IBI.
Tuesday, 31/10/2017

Midwifery Law is Progessing

At the beginning of 2018, there are several agenda of Central Board of Indonesian Midwife Association (PP IBI) related to progress of Midwife Law. On January 23 and January 30, 2018 was held Discussion Meeting of Problems Inventory List (DIM) of Midwifery Draft law by Ministry of Health together with related stakeholders
Wednesday, 31/01/2018