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Monday, 20/05/2019

The 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting (PIT) will be held in Jakarta on 12-14 September 2019. We invite to register abstracts / research results that are in accordance with the theme of this activity. Abstract / research results can be presented in 2 forms, namely:

  • Oral presentation
  • Poster presentation

Oral presentation

Oral presentations are direct presentations conducted in front of scientific meeting participants. Presentations can use slides with a duration of 20 minutes for each presenter including questions and answers.


Poster presentation

Poster presentations are publications in the form of posters displayed on the poster area of ​​this Scientific Meeting. The format and size of the poster follows the committee's requirements.


Registration of Scientific Publications

1. Register online through the website:
2. Registration opens on March 11, 2019
3. Deadline for submitting / collecting manuscripts on 1 August 2019
4. Announcement for the abstracts / research results received on August 12, 2019
5. Participants confirm registration and payment on 12 August - 19 August 2019
6. Manuscript Selection Fee Rp. 100,000, - per title paid when submitting the manuscript
7. The Midwife 2019 Scientific PIT Publication Fee is Rp. 300,000 - paid when declared eligible (not including the cost of printing proceedings)
8. Participants who have passed the publication of the manuscript are expected to attend and register as Midwife PIT Participants in 2019. The committee provides attendance options by paying an attendance package of Rp. 500,000 on the presentation / publication day (prices include lunch, snacks, name tags and seminars kit)

Rules for Writing Scientific Publications

    Every Registrar of Scientific Publications, both Oral and Presentation Posters, must submit a manuscript with the following conditions:

Manuscripts include;
  a. Title

  b. Abstract

     - Abstract consists of a maximum of 300 words, characters used by Times New Roman with a size of 10 points

     - Abstracts are written in English and Indonesian in accordance with the enhanced spelling

c. Preliminary background

d. Aim

e. Design / method

f. Results and Discussion

g. Conclusion

h. Bibliography


2. Manuscript / Manuscript up to 15 pages
3. Naskah / Manuscript written with the provisions

  • Font: Times New Roman with 12 point size
  • A4 Paper Size
  • Spacing 1.5,
  • 3 cm margin from the top, bottom, left and right edges
  • Vancouver writing / blackjack style


4. The bibliography contains at least 5 international / national journals
5. The author's biodata is written separately from the text



Soft File Poster size 90 x 120 cm in PDF format uploaded via the web or email to PUBLIKASI.ILMIAH@IBI.OR.ID (If large file sizes can be emailed using WETRANSFER.COM or the like).

2. Printed Poster

Poster size made with size 90 x 120 cm (Portrait)

  • Poster material is free, according to existing conditions and available at local printing.
  • Poster made in Indonesian
  • On the top side near the title, a PIT Bidan logo is made
  • Be sure to enter your name, research location and email address in a large size on
  • Inside the poster contains: Title, Background, objectives, design / method, results and discussion (can be explained and equipped with infographics, namely charts, drawings), Conclusions and Bibliography.
  • Poster made / printed by the participant and sent to the PIT Committee Midwife at PPIBI Secretariat Office: Jl. Johar Baru V / D13 Johar Baru, Jakarta Pusat, no later than September 9, 2019

Implementation Provisions

1. Presentation Oral

a. Oral The presentation will take place on Friday September 13, 2019.

b. The committee provides 24 speaker / material slots with a panel system of 4 speakers in one

c. All prospective oral presentation participants must enter the Manuscript.

d. The committee will select the manuscripts

e. Next the committee will contact the participants in the oral presentation

f. If 1 paper is more than 1 researcher, then each researcher gets a certificate with the same number of SKP, with a note that the certificate issuance costs IDR 50,000 / researcher.


2. Presentation Poster

a. All Poster Presentations will be exhibited at the PIT location

b. Installation and removal of posters is the responsibility

c. If 1 poster is more than 1 researcher, then each researcher gets a certificate with the same number of SKP, with a note that the certificate issuance costs IDR 50,000 / researcher.


Midwives Asian Alliance (MAA) Meeting

Midwives Asian Alliance (MAA) Meeting in Jakarta at October, 9-10th, 2015
Monday, 12/10/2015


Dengan hormat kami sampaikan bahwa PIT Bidan 2017 akan diselenggarakan pada tgl 2-4 November 2017 di Jakarta. Tujuannya adalah “Meningkatkan kualitas bidan/anggota IBI dengan meningkatkan pengetahuan di bidang: Iptek, Pendidikan, Perkembangan Pelayanan & Kebijakan terkait dengan peningkatan Kesehatan Ibu & Anak”
Tuesday, 30/05/2017

Press Release Regarding Memes That Discredit Midwifery Professions

The following information was delivered by the Central Board of Indonesian Midwives Association
Friday, 27/09/2019