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Ikatan Bidan Indonesia Berbagi Kiat Memenangkan Bidding 32nd ICM Triennial Congress 2020

Thursday, 11/04/2019

[10 April 2019] The Chairperson of the Indonesian Midwives Association was invited to the 3rd Indonesian MICE National Conference (INAMICE 2019) to be a resource with the theme "Ways to Win the 32nd ICM Triennial Congress 2020 Bidding"


The event was attended by approximately 150 participants consisting of Ministries / Institutions, Regional Governments from various related MICE destinations, MICE industry associations, MICE actors / industries, academics, and the media.


This National Conference aims to identify MICE Trends in the world and gain an understanding and identification of Indonesia's potential and strategy in winning the MICE International Bidding Event from the Government, Association and Corporate segments on an international scale.


Webinar IBI USAID Jalin Seri #3 - 30 April 2020

The theme of this #3 Webinar series is "Antenatal and Postnatal Services during the COVID-19 Pandemic Period in Primary Health Facilities."
Tuesday, 28/04/2020

Kegiatan Program Solidarity Operasi Bibir Sumbing IndoAgri

Kegiatan Program Solidarity Operasi Bibir Sumbing IndoAgri
Wednesday, 01/04/2015

Informasi Publikasi Ilmiah PIT BIDAN 2015

Tata Cara Penulisan Hasil Penelitian PIT BIDAN 2015
Thursday, 07/05/2015