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CPD Online IBI

Monday, 11/03/2019

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) or often called P2KB (Continuous Professional Development Program) is a professional development process that includes various activities carried out by a person in his capacity as a Midwife, in order to maintain and increase his professionalism in accordance with established competency standards.


Therefore, for the demands of an increasingly globalizing era, the CPD Online site has now been inaugurated for Midwives, a system of software that processes and integrates all records and management of health personnel education development activities in electronic form online, so that it can improve effectiveness monitoring and evaluation of CPD activities by all stakeholders.


SKP or Professional Credit Unit, which is proof of recognition of Midwives carrying out their Professional Development activities, provided by the OP or professional organization (IBI). Set 25 SKP in 5 years.


Download Tutorial CPD Online: 4. CPD Online_Panduan Penggunaan CPD Online IBI - Bidan 02032019

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Rubella Measles Free Vaccination Program from August to September 2017

Kampanye imunisasi MR dilaksanakan selama Agustus-September 2017 untuk seluruh wilayah di pulau Jawa dan Agustus-September 2018 untuk seluruh wilayah di luar pulau Jawa.
Tuesday, 01/08/2017

Midwife enthusiasm in participating in the IDM 2020 Webinar

The IDM 2020 webinar, which took place on May 5, 2020, drew tremendous enthusiasm from midwives, midwife students, health observers and other development partners.
Sunday, 10/05/2020

Surat Edaran Tentang Pengambilan Sumpah dan Janji Bidan [Revisi 2019]

Sebagai acuan pada pelaksanaan pengambilan sumpah/janji bidan, dengan ini kami edarkan Revisi Naskah Pengambilan Sumpah/Janji Bidan seperti lampiran Edaran ini sesuai dengan AD ART IBI Tahun 2018-2023.
Friday, 24/05/2019