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Tutorial STR Online ver 2.0

Thursday, 21/02/2019

This online STR ver 2.0 aims to make registration services faster, and can be integrated between MTKI, MTKP and Professional Organizations. Online Reporting STR can be done in real time.


Following is the Tutorial on Procedures for Online Registration of Health Workers

New Registration: Tutorial Registrasi STR - Baru

Extension Registration: Tutorial Registrasi STR - Perpanjangan


Info lebih lanjut dan Bantuan, silakan langsung menghubungi KTKI:

Pada jam kerja, Senin-Jumat, jam 08.00-16.00

Gedung Badan PPSDM Lantai 8, Jalan Hang Jebat III / F3, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan


31st ICM Triennial Congress Early Bird Registration

31st ICM Triennial Congress Early Bird Registration
Tuesday, 13/12/2016

System Development Facility Information for FKTP Network Midwives

BPJS Health continues to strive to perfect the program for FKTP Network Midwives so as to optimize midwifery services for JKN participants. In connection with this, we submit that currently the system development has been carried out at FKTP, namely the PCare Application and the Health Facility Information System (HFIS) Application.
Friday, 16/08/2019

CPD Online IBI

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) or often called P2KB (Continuous Professional Development Program) is a professional development process that includes various activities carried out by a person in his capacity as a Midwife
Monday, 11/03/2019