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Visit of Indonesian Delegation to Indonesian Consulate General in Dubai Indonesia

Monday, 17/09/2018

[9 September 2018] Indonesian Midwife Delegation when attending the ICM Combined Regional Conference in Dubai, UAE on September 6-8 2018 had the opportunity to be invited by the Indonesian Consulate General (KJRI) in Dubai to provide counseling to 100 Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) who at the shelter of the Indonesian Consulate General in Dubai.


The group was received directly by the Consul General, Ridwan Hassan, along with the staff of the Indonesian Consulate General. After the opening ceremony and exchanging souvenirs, participants were divided into 2 large groups. Participants receive counseling related to reproductive health and direct practice on how to do BSE, and what to do if they find their body fluids. In addition, there was an interactive question and answer between participants and facilitators with a family atmosphere.


Thank you to the Consul General and all the staff of the Indonesian Consulate in Dubai in collaboration with the Indonesian Midwives Association in participating in improving the health of mothers and adolescents in the Indonesian Consulate Shelter. Hopefully this socialization activity can provide benefits for them and similar cooperation can be done again at other times.


[CALL FOR PAPER] Pertemuan Ilmiah Internasional Kebidanan 2018

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Friday, 23/02/2018

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Hari ini Ketua Umum Ikatan Bidan Indonesia Ibu Emi Nurjasmi, beserta Ibu Tuminah, Ibu Sri Purwaningsih, Ibu Laurensia dan Fitriani.
Thursday, 20/11/2014

Material of Annual Scientific of Midwife 2017

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Wednesday, 08/11/2017