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[INFO] Training for Competency Certificates for Midwifery Lecturers

Monday, 17/09/2018

Important information for lecturers of Tourism Study Program and Midwifery Study Program


In order to implement 2018 Vocational Higher Education Revitalization, the Directorate General of Science and Technology, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, working with the Indonesian Midwives Association will open competency certification training for selected lecturers, for the following fields of competence:


Neonate Resuscitation
Professional certification for Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) with holding time on 2-3 October 2018 for stage 1 and 6-7 November 2018 for stage 2.


APN Training (Normal Delivery Care)
Professional Certification for initial and goal handling according to safemotherhood standards, with the holding time of 24 Sept - 3 October 2018 for 1st and 12th November 2018 for 2nd Generation.


For KEBIDANAN vocational lecturers under the auspices of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education who are interested, please register and the selection will be done because of the Limited Quota.
The program will be held in Jakarta.


Tourism sector
Hospitality Business
Training competency certification (workplace assor) in hotel resource development, public relations, sales and marketing, hotel operations and hospitality business management.


Travel Industry Transformation for Millennial Digital Era
Training Competency Certification (workplace accessor) in the field of travel business includes a network distribution, intermediary, provider and supplier to travel agents or tour operators on tourism systems.


All costs of training, lodging, competency testing, including the cost of commuting to the training place and the training participants' pocket money are fully borne by the Directorate General of Science and Technology.


More detailed information as well as registration can be seen on the website


Midwives Journal Vol. II No. II, 2017

Jurnal Ilmiah Bidan Vol II No II , 2017 sudah bisa didapat langsung melalui kantor PP IBI.
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