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ICM Combined Regional Conference For Eastern Mediterranean, South East Asia and Western Pacific Regions

Monday, 10/09/2018

On September 6-9, 2018, ICM administrators in 3 regions held a Joint Conference for Eastern Mediterranean, South East Asia and Western Pacific Regions in Dubai, UAE. In this conference the theme is in accordance with the 2017-2020 ICM Strategy which focuses on Quality, Equity and Leadership, namely "Leading Midwives of the Way for Quality and Equity".

Women and families have fundamental human rights to get access to midwives as professional health workers who are trained to support them through quality services.

As the organizer of the regional conference, ICM aims to support equal access to information for Association Members in the Regional Eastern Mediterranean, South East Asia and Western Pacific Regions.

The conference was attended by participants from various countries, including Indonesia. The Indonesian Midwives Association sent a delegation of 20 people. In addition to the delegations from the Indonesian Midwives Association there were also young midwives who attended the conference both as participants of the oral presentation and presentation poster. Adding, after the conference series was over, the Indonesian Midwives Association delegation was invited by the Republic of Indonesia Consulate General (KJRI) Dubai-Indonesia to disseminate information on Reproductive Health, especially early detection of Breast Cancer through BSE against Women Workers covered by the Indonesian Consulate in Dubai-Indonesia 150 people.


PP IBI Attend Hearing Commission IX of the House of Representatives

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Thursday, 02/02/2017

Press Release Regarding Memes That Discredit Midwifery Professions

The following information was delivered by the Central Board of Indonesian Midwives Association
Friday, 27/09/2019

International Conference on Maternal & Child Health on Malaysia

International Conference on Maternal & Child Health, March 3-4, 2016 at Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Friday, 01/01/2016