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Pekan ASI Se-Dunia (World Breastfeeding Week)

Wednesday, 01/08/2018


ASI contains high nutrition which is very beneficial for baby's health, even the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends babies to get exclusive breastfeeding for six months. But apparently, the achievement of exclusive ASI in Indonesia has not reached the expected number.

Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2016 still shows the average rate of exclusive breastfeeding in the new world around 38 percent. In Indonesia, although a large number of women (96%) breastfeed their children in their lives, only 42% of infants under 6 months who receive exclusive breastfeeding. When children approach their second birthday, only 55% are still given ASI.

When compared to the WHO target of 50%, the figure is still far from the target. Based on data collected by the International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) in 2014, Indonesia ranked third in the bottom of the 51 countries in the world that took part in assessing the status of policies for feeding infants and children (Infant-Young Child Feeding).

ASI is the best food for babies.
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Guide to Preparation of National Competency Test Participants - Midwifery Study Program DIII

The Preparation Handbook for National Competency Test Participants for Midwifery Diploma III Study Program was prepared by the DIII Midwifery
Tuesday, 05/03/2019

Midwife Sri Martini: Has been Through 5 Period of IMA

Bidan Sri memulai bergabung di IBI sejak kepemimpinan Nisma Chairil Bahri (1993-1998), kemudian berlanjut kepada penerusnya Wastidar Musbir, SKM (1998-2003)
Sunday, 07/05/2017

Panggilan Aksi Pencerah Nusantara 5

“Pencerah Nusantara” – sebuah gerakan yang diinisiasi oleh Kantor Utusan Khusus Presiden RI untuk Millenium Development Goals (KUKPRI MDGs)
Tuesday, 08/11/2016