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Request Data for Midwives non-ASN under Diploma III

Monday, 23/07/2018

In accordance with the mandate of Law No. 36 of 2014 the minimum qualification for health personnel outside medical personnel is Diploma III. Health Workforce Education Acceleration Program through Past Learning Recognition (RPL) is an effort to improve educational qualifications for health workers who have not carried out Diploma III implementation since 2017 for the State Civil Apparatus (ASN).

As a preparation for the implementation of the Health Worker Education Acceleration Program through Past Learning Recognition (RPL) for non-ASN Non-Civil Servant Health personnel who have not completed Diploma III, we ask all midwives to provide data on non-ASN health personnel under Diploma III up to years 2018 each Province with qualifications:
1. Graduated level of secondary education or Diploma I according to his profession
2. Has performed his professional job (as Midwife) at the health facility at least 5 (five) years.

The data is in the form of EXCEL format in accordance with the attachment of this letter.
For your attention and cooperation, thank you.


E-Learning Kementerian Kesehatan

Silakan mengikuti e-learning untuk mendapatkan SKP IBI
Tuesday, 05/03/2019

Learn to Prevent Cancer from Julia Perez

Seorang ibu muda yang sedang menggendong bayi terlihat dalam antrian pemeriksaan kanker serviks. Sejak pukul 08.00 pagi, 4 Mei 2017, Kantor Pusat Ikatan Bidan Indonesia (IBI) sudah mulai riuh rendah terdengar suara tangisan bayi dan anak-anak yang sedang mendapatkan pelayan gratis mulai dari pengobatan umum, pelayanan KB, imunisasi, posyandu, dan pemeriksaan dini kanker serviks.
Monday, 08/05/2017

32nd ICM Triennial Congress 2020 - Bali, Indonesia 21-25 June 2020

The next, 32nd Triennial Congress will place in Bali, Indonesia, from 21-25 June 2020, and will be focusing on the theme of ‘Midwives of the world: delivering the future’. The Indonesian Midwives Association (IBI) will ensure the warmest welcome, as will the people of Bali.
Monday, 08/10/2018