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Social Services in the framework of IBI's 67th Anniversary

Friday, 29/06/2018

Ikatan Bidan Indonesia (IBI) is the only professional organization of midwife container in Indonesia, established on June 24, 1951 in Jakarta. In the same year, IBI became a member of the Indonesian Women's Congress (KOWANI) and five years later (1956) became a member of the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM). Furthermore, in compliance with the prevailing laws and regulations on CSOs in Indonesia, in 1985 IBI has conducted re-registration as Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in the Ministry of Home Affairs.


IBI has been well developed, indicated by 34 Provincial Officials (Provincial Level), 508 Branch Officers (Regency / Municipal Level) and 2592 Branch Manager (Kecamatan Level / Service / Education Unit). While the number of members has a Member Card (KTA) of 282,956 (as of December 15, 2017). However, this figure differs from the number of midwives recorded in the Indonesian Health Assembly, 443,003 (March 2017).


June 24, 2018 this year IBI has been 67 years old, a very mature age with much experience that has been passed as a professional organization. Experience is a wealth to meet a challenging future, one of which is the liberalization of health services in the current era of globalization. For that IBI needs to consolidate into and advocate all relevant stakeholders to prepare members in facing the challenge. The theme in commemoration of IBI's 67th anniversary in 2018 is "The Guardian Midwife Guarding Neonatal Maternal Health through GERMAS and Quality Service" (Midwives Leading The Way by Quality Care).


In order to commemorate the 67th IBI Anniversary in 2018, the Central Board of Indonesian Midwives Association held Angjangsana activities to the IBI elders, and sowed flowers to the IBI predecessor's tomb (May-June). In addition PP IBI also held a social charity that has been held on Friday, June 29, 2018 at the Clinic Pratama IBI / IBI Central Board Office with the number of participants 672 people. The types of services provided vary, among others:

- Posyandu RW 9, RW11, RW 5, RW 4, RW 3, and RB IBI;
- Elderly Services;
- Public service;
- IVA services; Family planning services;
- Pregnancy Examination (ANC); and
- Immunization Services.
In addition, there are also bonescan examinations held by IBI partners, Mercy, and there is also a booth from ATI Car team, Gemarikan, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries where participants are given education on how to process good fish and cooking demonstrations.


After the Social Activity event is completed, proceed with Halal Bihalal along with the representative of IBI Board of jabodetabek and the elders of IBI who ends the day by cutting tumpeng and singing march and IBI hymn.


Hopefully what has been achieved and constraints faced can be improved for the future especially in facing challenges from within and from outside the organization and to welcome a better future. Live Midwife Indonesia!



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