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Midwifery Mentorship Programme French Speaking Africa Consultancy Contract

Monday, 21/05/2018

The International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) exists to strengthen midwives and midwifery
globally to enhance the reproductive health of women, and the health of their newborns and families.


ICM, with the support of Sanofi Espoir Foundation, is implementing a project, which aims to strengthen midwifery education in French speaking countries in Africa. The goal of the project is to strengthen midwifery education programmes in 22 project countries in a phased approach which will include strengthening midwifery education institutions, clinical sites, faculty and curricula. Three countries (Côte d’Ivoire, Madagascar and Comoros) were identified as phase one countries for two years 2016-2018.

Improving the teaching skills of midwifery teachers is essential to improve the quality of midwifery
education programme. Equally important is the development of teaching skills for midwife practitioners who supervise and teach midwifery students in clinical settings. The partnership between midwives teaching in midwifery schools and those teaching in clinical areas is vital to support learning for midwifery students and to ensure consistent, up to date, quality midwifery practice.

Teachers who have learned new skills in Competency Based Education (CBE) through the Sanofi/ICM
project need continuing support as they practice their new skills in both formal teaching settings and
in clinical practice settings. A mentorship programme is being developed to provide structured support to these teachers/practitioners.

The mentorship approach is a methodology of continuous capacity building addressing knowledge,
attitudes, and behavior and thereby improving overall competency.

It will ensure sustainable development of teaching skills for midwives and other health care providers
and augment existing capacity building efforts such as traditional pre-service and in-service training,
supportive supervision and on-job training.

To achieve this, ICM is looking for a result driven, experienced and motivated consultant (individual
or organisation) to develop and implement a mentorship programme to support midwifery teachers
and clinical preceptors who have been trained in Competency Based Education methodologies, as
they practice these skills and in turn teach others.

The Consultant will be responsible to :
v Define terms of mentoring and mentorship for approval by ICM
v Identify skills and responsibilities of mentors and mentees
v Design a mentorship programme whereby CBE-trained midwives can support midwife teachers
and midwife preceptors to use CBE methodologies in their practice
v Design a three-day mentorship training workshop to precede implementation of the
mentorship programme
v Produce materials for the mentorship training programme and for implementation of the
mentorship programme
v Deliver mentorship training workshop in three countries

v Follow up of mentors during implementation (participants practice what they learnt during the
training) for 8 weeks
v To implement the mentorship programme in three countries
v Provide all materials in French and English
v Write report


Key deliverables
v A detailed package for mentorship programme which includes timelines, content outline,
modules, lesson, sessions and assessment methods


Required Qualification
The consultant is required to have the following qualifications and experience
v Minimum of Master’s Degree in midwifery,
v Minimum of 5 years of experience in midwifery education including building midwifery
capacity in low to medium income countries
v Evidence that meets the internationally agreed competency standards for midwifery
educators set by WHO,
v Knowledge of Competency-based education methodologies
v Experience in midwifery education curriculum design
v Experience in mentoring and development of mentorship programmes
v Excellent communication skills (verbal and written) in French and English.
v Experience and knowledge of working in French Speaking Africa will be an added advantage


Duration of task:
v Up to 60 days (20 days for mentorship programme development and 40 days for the
implementation of the programme).


How to apply: Send a motivation letter and a curriculum vitae in English, highlighting relevant
experience to Ann Yates, Lead Midwife Advisor on


Closing date is 31st May 2018.
Next step: Interview
Only short listed candidates will be contacted.



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