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Link Survey Research About Postnatal Services in Indonesia

Wednesday, 11/04/2018

Here is the research of Ms. D. Linna Suswardany from Community Health Program Faculty of Health Sciences Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta. Ongoing research involving researchers from the University of Diponegoro and the University of New South Wales, Australia are looking for respondents to fill out an online survey that takes about 20 minutes.
This study aims to analyze the inhibiting factors and supporting postnatal services in Indonesia.

Inclusion / Exclusion Criteria:
This study is looking for respondents who have the following criteria:
1. Has worked in various Health sciences to provide post-partum services to women in the last 12 months in Indonesia;

2. Approve the approval sheet;

3. Filling online surveys of barriers and support for women receiving Post Natal service in Indonesia: from a service provider's perspective

Please allow midwives to fill out the survey to get more respondents from all over Indonesia.

Let us support scientific research on obstetrics in order to benefit more widely. thank you




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CPD (Continuing Professional Development) or often called P2KB (Continuous Professional Development Program) is a professional development process that includes various activities carried out by a person in his capacity as a Midwife
Monday, 11/03/2019

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Wednesday, 01/08/2018

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Friday, 24/05/2019