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Submission of DIM of Midwife Bill by Minister of Health to Chairman of Commission IX of DPR RI

Friday, 06/04/2018

[Friday, 05 April 2018] President of the Indonesian Midwives Association, Dr. Emi Nurjasmi, M.Kes and the ranks of attending the House of Representatives Meeting in the Meeting Room of Commission IX DPR RI. On this occasion, the submission of Problem Inventory List (DIM) of the Midwife Law from the Minister of Health, Prof.Dr.dr. Nila Djuwita F.Moeloek SpM (K) to the Chairman of Commission IX.


Moreover, in this meeting has had been attended by some related Ministry of Republic of Indonesia: Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform, Ministry of Law and Human Rights 



Tuesday, 09/06/2020

30 Day Countdown to The 31st ICM Triennial Congress

Girls 'Globe dalam mendukung ICM memimpin 30 hari Social Media Countdown ke ICM Kongres di Toronto. Setiap hari menjelang Kongres dapat dibagikan secara visual - sebuah film, foto, quote, atau ilustrasi - yang akan dibagikan di Facebook dan Twitter secara bersamaan.
Friday, 19/05/2017