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Digital Partograph Guideline

Thursday, 08/03/2018

The WHO partographic study was conducted multisentral in Indonesia (4 hospitals), Thailand (2 hospitals), and Malaysia (2 hospitals) for 15 months (January 1990 - March 1991), resulting in a module / partograph form which is now widely used - where. This study aims to evaluate the use of partograf in management and delivery outcomes, that by using partograf can reduce the agitation with oxytocin up to 54%, reducing the length of labor process that is more than 18 hours of labor and reducing postpartum sepsis to 59%.

Health workers, especially midwives, are expected to be able to apply partograf with the goal of maternal and perinatal mortality rate can be decreased significantly so that able to support health system toward society prosperity level. In fact, the compliance of health workers and birth attendants in the use of partographs is lacking.

Survey states that the quality of delivery service is still low especially in the utilization of partograf in labor, based on Maternal and Infant Health Quality Study conducted by health ministry, WHO and HOGSI, 2012 health service facility using partograf in delivery aid is still low, that is 25% , 45% in Puskesmas and 54% in Maternity Clinic. With the low use of partografs on the midwife and the importance of the effectiveness of partographic recording time, this partographic application becomes a solution in partographic recording.

Digital Partograf is an application based on android operating system which is used as a monitoring tool for progress of birth referring to partograf WHO (World Health Organization)

The following is the work of Bidan Maya from Tasikmalaya in S2 study at Padjadjaran University.

The guidelines can be download here: user-guide


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