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Plenary Approves the Midwifery Draft Act as Parliament's Initiative Proposal

Tuesday, 12/12/2017

The plenary session, led by House Speaker Fadli Zon, agreed on the Midwifery Draft Act as an initiative proposal of DPR RI. Prior to the agreement, each faction was given the opportunity to say a written opinion about the Midwifery Draft Law to be followed up with the decision making as a draft of the House of Representatives Initiative proposal.

"Whether the Midwifery Act can be approved is a Act proposed by the DPR RI initiative," Fadli Zon asked, followed by the approval and knocking of the hammer at the Plenary Meeting Room, Nusantara II Building, Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (5/12).

The House of Representatives has a reason why the Midwife Act is the proposal of the House Initiative, especially the Commission IX. Firstly, the House of Representatives sees that every person has the right to obtain health services so that they can live in physical and spiritual prosperity, including the right to advance themselves in the struggle for their rights collectively to build society, nation and state as mandated in the 1945 Constitution.

Furthermore, the House of Representatives also viewed that health services to the community especially women, babies and children carried out by the Midwife responsibly, accountably, qualified, safe and sustainable, are still faced with the constraints of professionalism, competence and authority. Thus it can not be given professional protection in midwifery practice or less maximal in improving the quality of fulfillment of midwifery pelayanna to society.

On the other hand, the regulation of midwifery services and the recognition of midwifery profession and practice has not been regulated comprehensively as other health professions, so it has not provided protection and legal certainty of both midwives in implementing health services to the community. (ria, mp)



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